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THE CLINICA Launches Nefertiti Botox and Micro Botox!
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Nefertiti Botox
$8/UnitReg. $10/Unit
Nefertiti is a special cosmetic technique performed with Botox injections in the lower part of your face, jaw, and neck to create a more defined look and treat wrinkles. Like the ancient Egyptian Queen herself, this innovative botox technique rejuvenates a beautiful jawline.
Micro Botox
$800Reg. $1000
Micro Botox is a new innovative technique used in the jawline and neck area for a complete rejuvenation. This technique relaxes the nerve rather than the muscle to achieve its results and can even relieve acne in the neck area.
Beauty  Treatments
NEW!Nefertiti and Micro Botox are available now!
Dermal fillers enhance the appearance of your skin by increasing volume and smoothing out fine lines.
Dermal Filler
Our beauty booster formula makes the skin look fresh and dewy while promoting production of collagen for long lasting results.
Beauty Booster
Golden PRP combines platelet-rich-plasma with microneedling to promote collagen production and scar healing.
Golden PRP
This medical-grade ‘SuperFacial’ is a combination of microneedling and a personalized cocktail serum blend to reach your skin goals.
Miracle Cocktail
From $499
The Power Peel removes dead skin cells, boosts the skin’s collagen production, and can successfully improve the appearance of acne, scarring, and textured skin.
Undo the damage your skin accumulated over time by using heat and micro-dermal wounds to encourage the skin to heal on its own.
PicoSure is designed to use gentle heat to activate the body’s natural immune response to remove unwanted pigmentation.
Give your skin a workout by sculpting those hard-to-tone areas, reducing the size of fat cells, and encouraging collagen regeneration.
The ultimate facelift and jaw contour that’s non-invasive & non-surgical.
From $1599
Minimize the look of pigmentation, redness and rosacea with the use of IPL laser to encourage collagen growth.
Like a gentle vacuum for your skin, we sweep away the dirt and bacteria so your clogged pores don’t stand a chance all while adding a glow.
A hydrating facial that uses radio frequency to warm up the pores to better absorb medical-grade skincare ingredients and relieve muscle tension.
Create a more defined chin profile by permanently & non-surgically eliminating fat cells in the double chin area.
Brighten your skin’s complexion from the inside out with the help of the powerful combination of Glutathione & Vitamin C that are delivered through our amazing IV boosters.
IV Booster
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